Solution provider for the data-driven healthcare market

INSIGHT Health is one of the leading solution providers for the data-driven healthcare market. We offer data-driven solutions for all sectors. Our clients from the RX, OTC, medical supply, pharmaceutical supply chain and healthcare research sectors, as well as from institutes, associations and authorities, value our neutrality and independence. Our services for market and supply research are based on many years of experience in building and maintaining extensive databases.

225Terabyte of data
7.000Pharmacies in panel
5.000Doctors in panel

Our solutions for the healthcare market


Our prescription drug solutions intelligently link data from multiple sources to cover the entire value chain.


Our OTC data supports you for example in market and competition monitoring, product positioning and success control in marketing.

Medical supply

In the fast-growing pharmaceutical supply market, our data provides guidance for dynamic market players.

Supply Chain

We offer customized reports for pharmacies and pharmacy cooperatives as well as for pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Institutes, Authorities & Associations

Our analyses form an ideal basis for comprehensive studies on the supply of medicines to society and for mapping the effects of political steering instruments.

Real World Evidence

We provide healthcare data along the entire patient journey to a wide range of stakeholders in the healthcare market.

About INSIGHT Health

INSIGHT Health is a subsidiary of CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA (CGM) and one of the leading information solution providers in the healthcare market with headquarters in Waldems-Esch and offices in Berlin and Vienna. Based on our extensive industry knowledge, we offer a broad portfolio of data-based services for market and healthcare research. The plus of INSIGHT Health GmbH lies in the fast and transparent provision of data in compliance with legal data protection regulations as well as in the development of individual solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance companies, medical associations, pharmacy associations, scientific institutes, authorities, politics and other decision-makers in the healthcare market.